I wish you all a beautiful August!!!!

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With simple knots I worked a cotton thread brown thinking the woman who will buy the choker necklace.

I believe that by following my inspirations will always manage to satisfy even the most discerning tastes. Are not I too for picky?

So I imagine the woman who will wear this necklace in any season will be his style unmistakable.

It is unique as most of my creations.

If you want to give this series, be sure to please the style, the characteristic that distinguishes one person from another is his taste in choosing what to wear and how to match colors.

It would be great for everyday wear my necklace, this would make me really happy, but if it is kept in the drawer would be a shame!

So if you truly like I say the measures !!!!

The closure is adjustable with the wires at the back of the neck.

The necklace widens from a minimum of 9,84 inch.(25 cm) up to a maximum circumference of 26,77 inch. (cm. 68)

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